Timeline of a Photo Strip

redford-and-streisandThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when you’ve got four to take in a photo booth, there’s even more to say. So when you get down to it and thinkĀ about what to do during each photo, what do they really mean? The dynamics of the person, couple, or group in the photo change rapidly in those few intimate moments. Each photo strip image captures a split second in the lives of people and their feelings, emotions, and goofiness are captured forever.

A Slow Start

The first photo taken in a photo booth is typically the most subdued in nature. People are just getting comfortable in the photo booth (or are still trying to all squeeze in). Usually, when that first flash happens, people are caught off-guard and haven’t quite made up their mind yet of what faces or emotions to make. This is the beginning of a short, yet very great, adventure.

Getting Comfortable

After the first flash, people begin thinking of what pose they want to do next – but you better hurry because you only have a few seconds! Ideas run wild and everyone makes a silly face showing their just a child at heart. Laughing is the best icebreaker there is and the second photo is usually the gateway to a hysterical outburst by all.

Pucker Up

kennedysBy the time the second flash has fired, everyone is ready with a pose for the third photo – that pose is usually more intimate with kisses and googly eyes. By now you’re comfortable with the group, or person, you’re with in the photo booth, so why not show them how much you really like/love them. Whether the pose is a full on French kiss, a peck on the cheek, or just a simple look, this photo leads up to the magnum opus of the poses.

True Colors

A photo booth is all fun and games, but what you really want for the final pose is one of reality – showing the world how much you really care about those you’re in the booth with. Getting close and taking a “normal” photo is perfectly fine – it shows the comfort level you have with others and shows the true meaning of relationships. The image captures but a brief moment in time but shows the lifetime of a moment.

This is how you fit a lifetime of memories into four simple squares, but as you’re well aware they’re not that simple. The 20 seconds you are in the photo booth is your time to let loose and be your true self.