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Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of photo booth rental services provided by iPix Photo Booths. These terms and conditions may, can, and will change at any time at the discretion of the owners.

iPix Photo Booths Responsibilities

iPix Photo Booths is responsible for delivery, setup, breakdown, and maintenance of the photo booth during the scheduled rental period. If a venue obstructs us to the point we are unable to set up by the start of agreed upon rental time, iPix Photo Booths is not held responsible for lost time of service. The renter will be required to pay for the time we are on site. Please check with your venue before signing a rental agreement to ensure your venue allows photo booths on their premise and of any other restrictions. A written agreement from the venue is highly suggested, if possible.

An attendant will be onsite to ensure the photo booth is fully operational and assist guests with using the photo booth. The attendant will also maintain and clean the props area as well as assist with building the scrapbook. Please let us known of any special requests you may have regarding the event venue.

Renter Responsibilities

The renter is responsible for providing a solid, level area large enough to accommodate the photo booth. This area is to be protected from rain, wind and other elements. We also require an area within 20 feet of a standard electrical outlet – we provide an electrical cord that is limited to this length. The renter is also responsible for any damages incurred to any property of iPix Photo Booths during the rental agreement time period by you or your guests. Photos will be withheld from publication until compensation is provided for any of the aforementioned damages.

Quick reference of what is needed from renter:

  1. Within 20 feet of a reliable power source/outlet.
  2. 10×10 feet of space for photo booth set up and operation without blocking foot traffic.
  3. Small table for prop display or scrapbook station if purchased as part of package.

Rental Hours

Rental hours begin on the agreed upon time and are counted as time where the photo booth is operational and has the opportunity to be used. Photo booth rentals will be charged at their respected per hour rate and at the end of the agree upon rental time, we will discontinue photo booth operation. If you would like the photo booth to continue operation, we can extend the rental agreement and charge the respected rate of the photo booth in use.

Idle Time

Breaks in the run-time of the photo booth (after setup) are considered idle time and will be charged at the idle time rate of $25 per half-hour (30 minutes) with a maximum of two (2) hours of downtime per rental agreement. The idle time will be prorated per half-hour to the next highest thirty (30) minute period of time – for example, between 0 and 30 minutes, the cost will be $25; between 31 and 60 minutes, the cost will be $50.

We consider idle time to be a period of time when the photo booth does not have the opportunity to be used by guests. For example, during the grand entrance, dinner, or toasting portions of a wedding. During this time, we will deny access to the photo booth until we deem a correct time is applicable.

Image/Photo Hosting

All images will be uploaded within 24 to 48 hours to a private gallery with a passcode provided to you and your guests during the scheduled event. You may access your private gallery by visiting the Events page and finding your respective event link. All images will be hosted online through a third-party service. While a reliable third-party service, technical issues are out of our control and concerns will be forwarded to that service.

Upon full payment, the renter owns rights to all images taken by an iPix photo booth during the rental agreement period, but iPix Photo Booths reserves the right to use any image for advertising or site application (such as, but not limited to, a blog post).


A variety of props will be provided for use when purchased as an extra as part of a rental package. These props include hats, sunglasses, jewelry, costumes, frames, and signs. At conclusion of service, renter will be responsible for ensuring all props are returned and that the props are in the same condition as they were in at the beginning of the night. In agreeing to the these terms, the buyer agrees to replace any props that are not returned or are in a significantly worse condition.

Insurance, Liability, and Downtime

iPix Photo Booths provides business insurance to ensure the safety of all users. If, for some reason, our photo booth is inoperable for the duration of your scheduled event, we will refund the entire cost of the rental. iPix Photos Booths is not liable for any issues or injuries that may occur during use.

If part of the photo booth has technical issues and there is downtime, that time will be added to the end of the schedule time period. For example, if the photo booth encounters 15 minutes of downtime, we will add 15 minutes to the end of the agreed upon time, thus fulfilling the rental agreement. If the printer runs out of paper or ink, we may be required to shut down the photo booth for a short period of time while will install new paper and ink. This is not a typical situation.

Sales Tax

We are required by law to add local sales tax to the cost of the rental. This sales tax is contingent upon the city in which the event takes place.

Rental Deposit, Modifications, and Cancellation

A good faith┬ádeposit is required to reserve the event date – this means you agree, at the time of the signing of the agreement, to render payment between the time of signing and the date of the event.

Between the date of signing the rental agreement and 15 calendar days before the event date, you may change your package for a $50 fee or 10 percent of the original package cost (whichever is greater). Between 15 calendar days and the day of your event, you may change your package for a $150 fee or 20 percent of the original package (whichever is greater).

Cancellation of a rental booth agreement is subject to loss of deposit. Cancellation of rental booth agreement between 15 days prior to and the day of event is subject to loss of deposit plus a 20 percent fee of deposit, remaining money will be returned to renter.


Please email us at or visit our Contact page to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.