Planning the Best Quinceañera Ever!

quinceanera cakeWhether you know it as a quinceañera, quince años, fiesta de quince años, or simply quince, planning a party for your daughter can be tough. This birthday is important – it’s the one where your daughter transitions to becoming a young adult, and you want to make sure the party is memorable.

So what does it take? We’ve compiled some great ideas to make your daughter’s quinceañera one to never forget (and protect your wallet)!

Use balloons instead of flowers

Fresh flowers, while nice, are extremely expensive and take a large coordinating effort to ensure everything looks good at the exact moment. Instead, spring for some balloons – they’re cheaper and just as colorful! There are a ton of great craft ideas for creating centerpieces with balloons instead of flowers. And even if you do go with balloons instead of flowers, you can still get some flowers for certain arraignments like on the main table or around certain decorations.

Get multiple small cakes instead of a big cake

A big cake is beautiful, but not always practical (or cheap). Plus, getting a few smaller cakes also helps by allowing for multiple flavors to cater to guests. And if you really want to make it a family event, you can also coordinate with relatives and friends to bake their favorite cake and bring it to share – that way everyone can try the favorite recipe of others!

Find a unique quinceañera venue

Instead of renting a ballroom at the local hotel or meeting space at a fancy restaurant, look for a venue that is unique and may not come with the hefty price tag. Venues such as a family member’s for friend’s home, a state beach, part, or historical site are some great ideas. And even places like a local VFW or Elk’s Lodge have spaces large enough to host a fun party. While the location may be important to some, it’s how you decorate it and the memories you make while there that are more important!

Bundle your DJ and photo booth

If you decide to hire a DJ and want a photographer to capture the event, why not see if you can bundle them together? Sometimes a DJ and photographer work together which will help reduce the cost of the event. Or, if you prefer, you can always create your own playlist of music and hire a quinceañera photo booth to keep costs low.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure the quinceañera is the best possible party for your daughter – remember, she only gets one in her lifetime!

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