Photo Booth Marketing – Silent Auction Photo Booth

silent auction photo boothLooking for a great way to get your name out into the community while helping a great cause? Check out offering up a free photo booth rental services for a silent auction to help out a local non-profit or cause you believe in.

A silent auction is a great way to market your photo booth business because you’ll be able to get your business in front of hundreds of potential customers. And while only one person will win the bid, you’ll reach many people willing to pay for a photo booth rental. Plus, when you do provide your photo booth services to the person who won, while you may not get a profit from the few hours of work you’ll be doing, you’ll be reaching many other potential customers at that event.

So, how exactly does a silent auction work? A silent auction is a technique used at charity events as a way to help raise funds. Usually, a business will offer up their goods or services free of charge to benefit a charity or specific event. Compared to traditional auctions conducted by an auctioneer where bidders call out their bid, a silent auction is done silently and throughout a course of a specific time – usually during the event. Silent auctions are typically a preferred method of raising funds because it does not detract from the overall feeling and entertainment of provided during the event.

Now the fun part beings – during the silent auction, tables or displays of items and services provided by the businesses are set up with bidding sheets placed in front of the display. A minimum bid may be set to start off the action. A bidder will write down their name and contact info, as well as the bid they are willing to pay. If another bidder comes along and sees an item they want, they can then place their bid. This continues until the end of the event when the final announcement is made. Whoever has placed the highest bid wins, and then pays for and collects their winning item.

So, as a photo booth owner, if you coordinate with a local charity or event, you can offer up your services to help a noble cause. Go ahead, get your name out there and help others while you’re at it.

And if you’re a non-profit in San Diego or other entity looking for a photo booth company willing to help out at your next silent auction, give iPix Photo Booths a call today and we’ll be glad to work something out – either provide photo booth services at your event or offer up a great package for your silent auction!