How Long Should I Have a Photo Booth at My Wedding

So you’ve got everything planned out – the cake is ordered, the dress and suit are fitted, and the invitations are sent. But the one question remains – how long should I have a photo booth at my wedding for? Luckily, we’ve outlined a few options that will make the decision easier to make!

Many photo booth rentals charge by the hour, whether it’s through a packaged deal or a la carte. In either case, it’s important to ensure you only pay for when you and your guests can actually use the photo booth.

Wedding Ceremony & Formalities

Our recommendation is to start the photo booth rental after the wedding ceremony. There is no point in paying for the photo booth rental only for it to sit idle while you are saying “I do” to your significant other. Depending on how your wedding timeline goes, and if you are hosting a cocktail hour between the ceremony and the dinner reception, this may be the best time for the photo booth to get things started. Since people are wandering around tasting finger foods and enjoying some drinks, it’s best to give them something to pass the time. And if you have a photo booth scrapbook available, this is the perfect time for guests to get in a photo and write a few notes for the scrapbook.

Time Constraints or Limited Budget

If you have time constraints or a limited budget, you may want a shorter photo booth rental. If this is the case, the recommendation is to have it during one of two periods depending on your wedding timeline. The first could be an extended cocktail hour where you have the rental for an hour to two hours max. This gives you the benefits outlined above with the photo booth scrapbook and notes as well as a good way to pass the time. The other option would be to have the rental after the dinner reception and during the dancing and celebration portion.

Going this shortened route would save you a few hundred dollars depending on your rental time but still give you all the benefits a photo booth has to offer! Plus, if alcohol is flowing, having a rental later in the evening makes for some great photos of the guests!

Never Miss a Moment

Of course, the best recommendation is to simply rent a photo booth for the entirety of your event which ensures no moment is missed. Getting there early and staying late is an important feature the photo booth rental can provide because your guests will have an option all throughout the night to go and get their pose on!