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Using a Charity Photo Booth for an Event

Using a Charity Photo Booth for an Event

Gone are the days of the kissing booth to raise money, now you can use a photo booth to increase donations and the level of fun at charity events! Here a few fun examples of how your charity event can incorporate a charity photo booth:

Going to the dogs (and cats)

animal photo boothWhile a photo booth with a loved one is fun, why not make it even better with a furry friend? An adoption event for animals is a great way to not only increase engagement and advertising for the event, but it will also increase the fun people have when they hop on in and take a photo with their new best friend – dog or cat (meow)! We love seeing the fun reactions of the furry friends and their new owners – plus it’s a great way to keep the memory forever!

Kicking cancer’s butt

It’s a word no one likes, and finding a cure is at the top of everyone’s mind. At an event such as a walk or a fundraiser, bringing in a photo booth can increase the mood of a sometimes sullen event. Use the photos from the photo booth to increase awareness on social media which ultimately comes back to increase support from the community. Friends and family joining together at an event like this and laughing and having a good time is always a reminder that we need to live in the now.

Honoring those who served

Veteran’s served this great country of ours and they deserve the best in return. However, sometimes that’s not always the case and charity events are required to step in and provide support. A photo booth is a great aspect to add to a veteran’s charity event as the laughs and smiles fly this way and that. See how people just light up when they jump on in a photo booth – and it will all come back and benefit the veterans.

We understand a charity event is often a difficult and often underfunded aspect in society. That’s why iPix Photo Booths is proud to support so many charitable events in San Diego. If you are interested in having iPix Photo Booths join your charity event, give us a call today and we’ll work something out to help you increase awareness for your cause.

We know you can’t do it alone, and we’re here to help!

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Timeline of a Photo Strip

Timeline of a Photo Strip

redford-and-streisandThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when you’ve got four to take in a photo booth, there’s even more to say. So when you get down to it and think about what to do during each photo, what do they really mean? The dynamics of the person, couple, or group in the photo change rapidly in those few intimate moments. Each photo strip image captures a split second in the lives of people and their feelings, emotions, and goofiness are captured forever.

A Slow Start

The first photo taken in a photo booth is typically the most subdued in nature. People are just getting comfortable in the photo booth (or are still trying to all squeeze in). Usually, when that first flash happens, people are caught off-guard and haven’t quite made up their mind yet of what faces or emotions to make. This is the beginning of a short, yet very great, adventure.

Getting Comfortable

After the first flash, people begin thinking of what pose they want to do next – but you better hurry because you only have a few seconds! Ideas run wild and everyone makes a silly face showing their just a child at heart. Laughing is the best icebreaker there is and the second photo is usually the gateway to a hysterical outburst by all.

Pucker Up

kennedysBy the time the second flash has fired, everyone is ready with a pose for the third photo – that pose is usually more intimate with kisses and googly eyes. By now you’re comfortable with the group, or person, you’re with in the photo booth, so why not show them how much you really like/love them. Whether the pose is a full on French kiss, a peck on the cheek, or just a simple look, this photo leads up to the magnum opus of the poses.

True Colors

A photo booth is all fun and games, but what you really want for the final pose is one of reality – showing the world how much you really care about those you’re in the booth with. Getting close and taking a “normal” photo is perfectly fine – it shows the comfort level you have with others and shows the true meaning of relationships. The image captures but a brief moment in time but shows the lifetime of a moment.

This is how you fit a lifetime of memories into four simple squares, but as you’re well aware they’re not that simple. The 20 seconds you are in the photo booth is your time to let loose and be your true self.

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Photo Booth vs. Photobooth

Photo Booth vs. Photobooth

photo booth vs photoboothThere is no real recorded history of either the two-word photo booth or of the single word photobooth. Not only that, but both words seemed to have “appeared” out of thin air as there was never a company with this specific name, such as Polaroid or Kleenex. The two-word photo booth appears to prevail by an overwhelming margin and is the accepted version of dictionaries.

So is photobooth still correct? Of course! People still understand and accept the single-word version and many businesses use it as part of their name. Maybe the reason the single-word version is still around is because it appears more aesthetically pleasing as a single word instead of two words.

And who knows, maybe one day in the future, photo booth will morph into the word photobooth and photo booth be phased out. This is a common occurrence in languages known as compound words – when two or more previously unrelated words are joined together and the combination gains acceptance.

So go ahead, use either version because both are correct!

Here are some examples of both photo booth and photobooth used in reputable publications:


And its snap-and-print convenience makes it perfect for weddings, graduations and anywhere else it’d been fun to set up a tiny photo booth that prints images in about a minute.

Omote3D is taking the photo booth into the next dimension by offering customers the chance to be full-body scanned and given a plastic figurine of themselves. [The Guardian]


In 1963, Warhol challenged the commercial portrait world with his inclusion of photobooth photos of models in Harper’s Bazaar. [Telegraph]

The two historians speculated that perhaps the subject worked at a photobooth company and was taking these pictures as part of the job. [Huffington Post]

If you would like more information, Mark Bloch discusses the history of the photo booth in more detail on his website and interestingly enough, he refers to it as a photobooth.

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