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Photos in the Digital Age

Photos in the Digital Age

cell phone pictureThe digital age has revolutionized the way we take photographs. Before the invention of digital cameras and camera phones, using film cameras and taking the film in to be developed was a common occurrence. Not only that, but we were more judicial about the photos we were taking. However, now that we can instantly see the photos we take, we are quick to delete and retake photos over and over again. Before you know it, you’re taking hundreds of pictures without even thinking about the process.

While there is an inherent benefit in taking multiple photos to get the best pose, when was the last time you had those photos printed out? If you think about it, everything is stored on your computer or online on social media websites. And even though you’re able to save all these photos, there are two problems with this photo overload: 1) there is no guarantee that digital photos will be around forever due to computer crash or misplacement, and 2) we’ve become so comfortable with the idea of taking hundreds of photos that we no longer take the time to go through and enjoy past memories the photos impart.

When we upload photos from a digital camera, we upload hundreds, even thousands, of photos at a time. When was the last time you sat down and organized these photos? Most of the time we group them in batches and say we’ll go back later, yet that rarely happens. Plus, by not organizing them right away, we often forget where we place them or what the photos are even of. Plus, while technology has made storing digital files much easier, those files may get lost if the computer is damaged, lost, or crashes after years of use.

classic cameraAnd while we upload our best photos to social media, when was the last time you went through and looked at what was actually posted? Going through and enjoying the photos can bring back memories of those great times. No longer are photos for ourselves to enjoy, but there for us to brag and show others what we’re doing. Social media is just an easier way to shove our vacation photos down our friends throats like we used to do with slideshows at home. While that may be fun, our photos should be for ourselves – posting them to social media isn’t doing them justice, but there are a few things that can be done to reverse this trend and bring photos back to their glory days.

Print What You Put on Social Media

When you post your vacation photos to social media, take the time to print off your favorite photos from that group – it may be one, it may be all of them, but having hard copies of these in a book will allow for a better appreciation of the memories. Plus, chances are if you’re sharing photos with others, these are the photos you want to have and see in the future. This is a simple way of forcing yourself to have some printed photos on hand and your future self will thank you.

Stop at Photo Booths

Whether you’re out and about at a party, on the boardwalk, or at the mall, take a few minutes and stop by a photo booth to take some fun, candid shots. The instant gratification of an instant printout makes for a spontaneous and memorable moment with your friends and loved ones. We’ve seen some people develop a whole book dedicated to just photo booth pictures. And if you make this a regular occurrence, you’ll be amazed at how you and those you take the photo booth photos with change over the years. So the next time you see a wedding photo booth, hope on in and get started on your collection.

Delete, Delete, Delete!

While we’re arguing digital photos are hindering our ability to enjoy photos, we do believe that keeping bad photos – either ones with our eyes closed, out of focus photos, or just dumb photos – is a waste of space and time. It is shocking to see how many photos people hang onto because they don’t want to commit to the deletion process. We take so many photos, yet we don’t want to get rid of any of them, especially the bad ones. Take the time, even right after a photo is taken, to delete the ones that you don’t like. It will save you storage space on your computer and will make filing the photos that much easier.

Doing these few simple steps can help bring photos back to what they were meant to be. While having the ability to save all your photos on your computer is a huge benefit, having a photograph in your hand or framed, hanging on the wall really gives meaning to that photo. It is amazing the difference a simple photo album can do when telling the story of your life. That’s why we offer a photo booth scrapbook to our clients – so they can keep the precious memories of their special day for the rest of their lives.

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Photo Booth Marketing – Silent Auction Photo Booth

Photo Booth Marketing – Silent Auction Photo Booth

silent auction photo boothLooking for a great way to get your name out into the community while helping a great cause? Check out offering up a free photo booth rental services for a silent auction to help out a local non-profit or cause you believe in.

A silent auction is a great way to market your photo booth business because you’ll be able to get your business in front of hundreds of potential customers. And while only one person will win the bid, you’ll reach many people willing to pay for a photo booth rental. Plus, when you do provide your photo booth services to the person who won, while you may not get a profit from the few hours of work you’ll be doing, you’ll be reaching many other potential customers at that event.

So, how exactly does a silent auction work? A silent auction is a technique used at charity events as a way to help raise funds. Usually, a business will offer up their goods or services free of charge to benefit a charity or specific event. Compared to traditional auctions conducted by an auctioneer where bidders call out their bid, a silent auction is done silently and throughout a course of a specific time – usually during the event. Silent auctions are typically a preferred method of raising funds because it does not detract from the overall feeling and entertainment of provided during the event.

Now the fun part beings – during the silent auction, tables or displays of items and services provided by the businesses are set up with bidding sheets placed in front of the display. A minimum bid may be set to start off the action. A bidder will write down their name and contact info, as well as the bid they are willing to pay. If another bidder comes along and sees an item they want, they can then place their bid. This continues until the end of the event when the final announcement is made. Whoever has placed the highest bid wins, and then pays for and collects their winning item.

So, as a photo booth owner, if you coordinate with a local charity or event, you can offer up your services to help a noble cause. Go ahead, get your name out there and help others while you’re at it.

And if you’re a non-profit in San Diego or other entity looking for a photo booth company willing to help out at your next silent auction, give iPix Photo Booths a call today and we’ll be glad to work something out – either provide photo booth services at your event or offer up a great package for your silent auction!

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Top 10 Best Photo Booth Props

Top 10 Best Photo Booth Props

best photo booth propsJumping into a photo booth is a blast, but adding photo booth props? Even better! No photo booth is complete without a great set of props. So, what should every photo booth include? We’ve counted the top 10 best photo booth props, check them out:

  1. Boas – Everyone wants to unleash their inner diva, so wrap up that feather boa and strike a pose!
  2. Sunglasses – Sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes, and wearing them at night is the cool thing to do. Don a pair of stunner shades, the classic incognito sunglasses, or even the over-sized version and make a photo booth fashion statement (or classic 80’s song!).
  3. Mustaches – Whether you want the traditional Tom Selleck look or the evil mastermind pencil thin mustache, sporting a ‘stache is a great way to liven up your photos.
  4. Hats – Just like mustaches, hats come in all shapes and sizes – from jester hats to tiaras and crowns, policemen’s hats to construction workers’ helmets, there’s a hat for everyone!
  5. Wigs – Now we understand, technically a wig is a hat, but we also believe wigs are a class of their own. Don a purple flapper wig, or a classic 80s hair band wig – whatever you do, make it yours!
  6. Chalkboards – Add a little flair to your photos by writing a unique note or thought – while they say a picture is worth a thousand words, with a chalkboard, it’ll say a few more!
  7. Picture frames – Grab an empty picture frame and pose for a picture inside of another picture – very inceptionesque!
  8. Thought bubbles – Just like the chalkboard, a thought bubble is a great way to incorporate an unheard thought into the photo.
  9. Masks – Sometimes you want to be seen, other times you want to make a scene. Either way, a mask is a great way to make those viewing the photos take a wild guest of who is under the mask.
  10. Random Items – You never know what’s going to happen in a photo booth – some of the best photo booth props are completely random and surprise even us. Whether it’s a potted plant or even a personal camera taking a picture during the picture, whatever prop you can think of, bring it in!

Personalize Your Photo Booth Props

When you’re looking for other great photo booth prop ideas, it’s a great idea to bring in props that also do the following:

  1. Go hand in hand and tie in with the theme of your wedding or event
  2. Support your favorite sports team – from little league to major league
  3. Represent your hometown and show your heritage
  4. Showcase an inside joke you share with family and friends

And remember – the more creative you are when coming up with props, the more creative your pictures will be as you remember the great time you had during the wedding or event!

If you’re looking for more information about renting a photo booth in San Diego for your wedding or special event, give iPix Photo Booths a call today at (619) 663-4749 or contact us here.

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Why You Should Have a Wedding Photo Booth!

Why You Should Have a Wedding Photo Booth!

wedding photo boothSo you’re getting married, huh? You’ve thought of everything – the location, the cake, the wedding party, even the very specific thing that only you understand – but did you think about adding a wedding photo booth? While you may have a photographer capturing you and your significant other’s day, you can also include a wedding photo booth to capture your wedding guests and laugh at all the memories from the photo strips.

Photo booths are definitely a hit – it’s rare to find a wedding reception that doesn’t have one snapping away. And when you go to a wedding that doesn’t have a photo booth, there’s just a different feeling in the air.

So what makes a photo booth a must have at your wedding? Well for one thing, they’re extremely entertaining! Just think about it for a second – who doesn’t get excited at the thought of posing with a group of friends or a loved one and letting your wild inhibitions take over? Some may say they don’t want to have their picture taken, but get them behind the lens and they’re usually the ones who are the wildest bunch. Plus, when you factor in the variety of photo booth props and the great background options, it’s definitely a no-brainer!

So, your guests are having fun taking pictures with each other, but the fun doesn’t stop there! Oh no, they’ll also get to take home a souvenir from your wedding beyond the fun memories, they’ll get to take home a photo strip to put on their fridge. This is a great, simple, and easy wedding favor that you can give to your guests who have traveled far and wide to be with you on your special day. One other thing you can do is to get little photo strip frames and place them at the tables with a message encouraging them to add their memory of your special day with a photo strip as well as leaving a copy in the guest book for you to enjoy later. It’s just a win-win all the way around!

Between the laughter of the crowds in the photo booth and the memories and stories you and your guests will get to relive of this wonderful wedding, your photo booth will be the talk of the night and the topic of future conversations. So, if you’re interested in a renting a wedding photo booth, give us a call today and we will be happy to make your wedding memories ones to remember!

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4 Steps to Starting a Photo Booth Business

4 Steps to Starting a Photo Booth Business

photoboothSo, you want to start a photo booth business? Congratulations! Maybe you’re looking for a side gig to bring in some extra cash, or maybe you’re looking to quit your full-time job and go in a different direction where you call the shots. Whatever your reasoning, starting a photo booth business is a huge undertaking with great potential!

If you like people, enjoy making people laugh, being part of someone’s big day, or just want to set your own schedule, a photo booth business is the perfect recipe! Now, keep in mind, this is just a very simple list that I hope to expand upon in the near future, providing a more robust and step-by-step outline for you to follow.

Buy the Equipment

The equipment is the first step in the process, and can oftentimes be the most important. Getting the correct equipment that is simple, easy-to-use, and reliable will reduce the chance of errors (and embarrassment) when you are hired for a wedding or party.

If you want to go with a pre-made photo booth, be prepared to shell out a big chunk of change. While they are good and provide what you need, they sometimes only come with the shell of the photo booth and not the actual equipment – camera, monitor, printer, etc. Read what you’re getting to ensure you get exactly what you need.

photobooth 2If you are more industrious and want to make your own photo booth, more power to you. If you go this route, there is often trial and error with measuring, cutting, and constructing the photo booth. Sometimes, you think you measure something correctly, but you won’t know for sure until you put the final piece in place. But, if you aren’t that inclined to build a photo booth, you can go the super simple route and just get a camera and put it on a tripod.

Anyway, the four basic things you need for a photo booth are as follows:

  1. Camera – what’s a photo booth without a camera?
  2. Printer – a high-quality printer will produce high-quality prints, don’t skimp on this because the client will see this part of your business everyday on their fridge.
  3. Lights – a flash of some sort or just a decent light rig that can brighten up the photo is a must – you gotta be able to see the whites of the eyes!
  4. Computer – a small laptop or portable computer with photo booth software is the heart of the operation and ties everything together.

You can often find gently used equipment on Craigslist, or you can buy the items new from big box or online retailers. There are other pieces of equipment that you can add on at a later date such as props, backdrops, and even photo booth scrapbooks, but to get you started with starting a photo booth business, this is your best bet.

Get a Website

Look, I understand you may be scared, feel like you don’t have time, or don’t know how to create a website – that’s fine. There are websites that can help anyone make a website, and I do mean anyone – it just takes a little effort to get it to look how you want. The biggest point is that you have a website to direct clients and users to so they can see their photos that you’ve taken during the event. Having a website and directing clients to your website will help drive more traffic and increase the possibility of attaining new clients.

Start with something simple – as long as you have contact information on your site with some basic information about what you offer, then you’re ahead of 99% of the competition!

Packages and Pricing

photobooth 3This is often a difficult task – how much do you price your time and services. Keep in mind, this is not how much you feel your time and services are worth, it’s more about how much your time and services are worth. I may think my time is worth $1000 an hour, but I’m not going to get that, am I? No, so price yourself accordingly. Do some research and look at the competition – what do they offer? What are their prices? Start with a basic price and work your way up over time as you perfect your service.

As for packages, again, look at the competition and see what they offer. For myself with iPix Photo Booths, we do it an a la carte style where clients can pick and choose what they want so they don’t pay more for anything they don’t need. It’s important to put yourself in your clients’ position and think what they want and what they expect – if you can do that, then you’re good to go!


Marketing can be a difficult task for a new business. Convincing clients to use your services if you’ve never had a client before is similar to the chicken or the egg argument. However, there are a few marketing tricks you can do to hopefully land your first client in a matter of no time!

Reach out to friends, family, or coworkers and see if anyone is in need of your services. Offer to do a friend’s wedding or your sister’s baby shower for free. Get comfortable with your equipment and the stress of providing your new service. Plus, while you may lose out on recouping any money from the printing supplies or your time, you’ve just put yourself out in front of potentially hundreds of people – if even one person hires you after this free service, then you just had a successful marketing campaign.

You can also go the route of advertising – either digitally or through print. While print may be good, you’re definitely limited to the number of people you could reach, plus it is oftentimes more expensive. Going the digital route through ads on social media pages or through placement on high-traffic websites can increase traffic to your own website (as seen above). Doing advertising is good, but unless you’re comfortable with your situation, this may need to take some research – so take your time!

photobooth 4And finally, social media is an absolute must for a photo booth business! Post relevant information to your pages and engage with customers if they leave a comment, it shows you care. Plus, after an event, you can post the photos to your site and social media pages, and then direct the client to the channel. This will engage everyone to “tag” themselves in the photos which will then reach their friends, and then you have free advertising!

Start Your Photo Booth Business Today!

All of this may seem daunting, and starting a business can be, but if you take your time and make it your passion, no one can fault you! The good thing about starting a photo booth business is that you can start it and continue working your day job. Weddings, parties, and events usually happen on week nights or the weekends, so while you may be working more than you’re used to, you at least can see if starting a photo booth business is going to work.

And one final thought, have fun and enjoy the ride – your attitude can show and will make or break an event for a client.

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