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How Long Should I Have a Photo Booth at My Wedding

How Long Should I Have a Photo Booth at My Wedding

So you’ve got everything planned out – the cake is ordered, the dress and suit are fitted, and the invitations are sent. But the one question remains – how long should I have a photo booth at my wedding for? Luckily, we’ve outlined a few options that will make the decision easier to make!

Many photo booth rentals charge by the hour, whether it’s through a packaged deal or a la carte. In either case, it’s important to ensure you only pay for when you and your guests can actually use the photo booth.

Wedding Ceremony & Formalities

Our recommendation is to start the photo booth rental after the wedding ceremony. There is no point in paying for the photo booth rental only for it to sit idle while you are saying “I do” to your significant other. Depending on how your wedding timeline goes, and if you are hosting a cocktail hour between the ceremony and the dinner reception, this may be the best time for the photo booth to get things started. Since people are wandering around tasting finger foods and enjoying some drinks, it’s best to give them something to pass the time. And if you have a photo booth scrapbook available, this is the perfect time for guests to get in a photo and write a few notes for the scrapbook.

Time Constraints or Limited Budget

If you have time constraints or a limited budget, you may want a shorter photo booth rental. If this is the case, the recommendation is to have it during one of two periods depending on your wedding timeline. The first could be an extended cocktail hour where you have the rental for an hour to two hours max. This gives you the benefits outlined above with the photo booth scrapbook and notes as well as a good way to pass the time. The other option would be to have the rental after the dinner reception and during the dancing and celebration portion.

Going this shortened route would save you a few hundred dollars depending on your rental time but still give you all the benefits a photo booth has to offer! Plus, if alcohol is flowing, having a rental later in the evening makes for some great photos of the guests!

Never Miss a Moment

Of course, the best recommendation is to simply rent a photo booth for the entirety of your event which ensures no moment is missed. Getting there early and staying late is an important feature the photo booth rental can provide because your guests will have an option all throughout the night to go and get their pose on!

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Engagement Party Photo Booth Rental

Engagement Party Photo Booth Rental

engagement party photo boothSo the question got popped, you’ve begun looking for venues and writing out the list of wedding attendees to invite, and now you’re about to have an engagement party. This is the first time you bring together your family, friends, and co-workers before the big day so everyone can meet and enjoy a great time together celebrating your big day. There is no better way to make your engagement party an instant success than by bringing in iPix Photo Booths for an engagement party photo booth!

Capture all the romance, celebration, and laughter that goes along with an engagement party in a photo strip. A photo booth is the ultimate addition to an event like this, and when you choose iPix Photo Booths for your party, we ensure it’s a great party with our open air photo booth fitting in with any theme. And not only will your party be awesome, but the memories we make for the guests will be unforgettable – our personalized photo strips will make everyone smile!

So when you starting planning your engagement party, make sure you check us out for your engagement party photo booth – give us a call directly at (619) 663-4749 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Anniversary Photo Booth – Capturing Years of Love

Anniversary Photo Booth – Capturing Years of Love

anniversary photo boothAnniversaries are just like fine wine – the longer they last, the better they become. And no matter whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or your 61st anniversary, there is no better pairing than an anniversary photo booth!

Just like the love celebrated during the anniversary party, anniversaries and photo booths are a perfect match. There is no better way to bridge the gap between the younger kids and the older family members – plus it’s the perfect way to get multiple generations in one photo so they last forever!

And when you go with a San Diego anniversary photo booth with iPix Photo Booths, you get a memorable and fun experience that the family and friends will remember for months and even years to come. We offer a wide range of photo booth rental options for your anniversary so that you’ll have a great time – from personalized photo booth prints to wild and crazy anniversary props.

So when you start planning your next anniversary party, make sure you check us out for your anniversary photo booth – give us a call directly at (619) 663-4749 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Planning the Best Quinceañera Ever!

Planning the Best Quinceañera Ever!

quinceanera cakeWhether you know it as a quinceañera, quince años, fiesta de quince años, or simply quince, planning a party for your daughter can be tough. This birthday is important – it’s the one where your daughter transitions to becoming a young adult, and you want to make sure the party is memorable.

So what does it take? We’ve compiled some great ideas to make your daughter’s quinceañera one to never forget (and protect your wallet)!

Use balloons instead of flowers

Fresh flowers, while nice, are extremely expensive and take a large coordinating effort to ensure everything looks good at the exact moment. Instead, spring for some balloons – they’re cheaper and just as colorful! There are a ton of great craft ideas for creating centerpieces with balloons instead of flowers. And even if you do go with balloons instead of flowers, you can still get some flowers for certain arraignments like on the main table or around certain decorations.

Get multiple small cakes instead of a big cake

A big cake is beautiful, but not always practical (or cheap). Plus, getting a few smaller cakes also helps by allowing for multiple flavors to cater to guests. And if you really want to make it a family event, you can also coordinate with relatives and friends to bake their favorite cake and bring it to share – that way everyone can try the favorite recipe of others!

Find a unique quinceañera venue

Instead of renting a ballroom at the local hotel or meeting space at a fancy restaurant, look for a venue that is unique and may not come with the hefty price tag. Venues such as a family member’s for friend’s home, a state beach, part, or historical site are some great ideas. And even places like a local VFW or Elk’s Lodge have spaces large enough to host a fun party. While the location may be important to some, it’s how you decorate it and the memories you make while there that are more important!

Bundle your DJ and photo booth

If you decide to hire a DJ and want a photographer to capture the event, why not see if you can bundle them together? Sometimes a DJ and photographer work together which will help reduce the cost of the event. Or, if you prefer, you can always create your own playlist of music and hire a quinceañera photo booth to keep costs low.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure the quinceañera is the best possible party for your daughter – remember, she only gets one in her lifetime!

Are you ready to make your daughter’s San Diego Quinceañera an event she’ll love forever? Call us at (619) 663-4749 or fill out the contact us form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!

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Make Your Corporate Holiday Party Even Better!

Make Your Corporate Holiday Party Even Better!

holiday party photo boothIt’s that time of year again – the sun is shining, the weather is perfect, a beach day followed by a night on the town. No, this isn’t summertime, it’s winter here in Southern California and it’s time for some great holiday fun!

And along with the holiday season come company holiday parties, usually the biggest corporate party the company will host all year long. It’s a time of cheer, great food and drinks, and even an inspirational speech for the upcoming year.

Every year in San Diego, companies of all sizes try to outdo the previous year’s party and come up with some crazy ideas. The company wants to reward their hardworking employees with a great party and the last thing they want to have happen is for the party to be a total letdown.

That’s where a company holiday party photo booth rental will come in and help! Whether it’s a theme party, black tie gala, or even a dance party, a photo booth rental will definitely add that something extra to the holiday party and make it one to remember!

And one way to help make the night even more memorable is to give employees something to take home with them – a photo strip is a great way to remember the night. Have employees focus on the fun of the night, no need for personal cameras or a photographer running around, with a photo booth, everyone can make the event personal and a way they want to remember it. With great props and printed photo strips, employees can remember the night all year long!

That is why iPix Photo Booths offers the Basic Booth, an open air style photo booth rental in San Diego that allows for large groups to get in front of the camera at once. With unique props and backgrounds, employees will never want to leave the company holiday party. And once the photos are taken, they are stored digitally for access later and strips are printed immediately. We also offer social media integration – you can input your Facebook or Twitter profile and post the photos directly to your friends and followers! How cool is that?!?

The excitement of a photo booth is a great addition – the laughing and enjoyment of employees is well worth the price! There is nothing like taking awesome photos to liven up the party. Check out the photo booth rental package that works for you and give your employees a night to remember.

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